A Message from Boyd Kalnay,
Developer and Builder

St. James By-The-Bay is more than just another building project. This project is being built on land that has been enjoyed by my family since my grandfather purchased the property in 1950 as a homestead for his family and a place for my father to moor his sailboat. Happy memories abound of the time spent living here. When my father approached me 12 years ago to consider the idea of turning the land into an adult lifestyle community similar to one he'd seen in Windsor, Ontario, I began a long process that has taken us to this point today.

Given the beauty of the site, with it's incredible views and extensive waterfront, we dreamed of creating one of the finest communities on the water in Ontario, with well-thought out architectural designs, beautiful gardens, and a welcoming atmosphere for all our residents. Work commenced in November 2003, and sales for the first phase, The Courtyards, began in May 2004. Now complete, the 15 luxury townhomes all have waterfront views over a landscaped courtyard with a large water feature, BBQ and patio area, and a deck beside the water. The second phase of 6 waterview homes, The Carriage Homes, are built and are available to purchase. We have a model home for viewing. Plans for the final phases of St. James By-The-Bay are underway, and we are realizing the dream!

As with any project this size, success is only possible with the involvement of many good people who all believe in the dream. In particular we have been fortunate to have the advice and assistance of:

Mr. Adrian Bax of Bax Vintage Homes - an experienced builder and developer of innovative custom homes - as our chief project consultant;

Mr. Glenn Field of Shasta and Associates as our builder and site supervisor whose experience in quality construction provides a meticulous and well thought out approach to the construction of all our homes.

We are grateful to have the support and assistance of the best trades in the area who work very hard to meet the requirements of in each new home we build. Ask any of our home owners and I think they will speak very highly of the craftmanship in their home.

Working together with pride, we are creating what we know will become a landmark community!


Boyd Kalnay, C.A.
St. James By-The-Bay Village
January 2008