Experience the stillness and the sweet gentle solitude on the Bay in the early spring or on a summer morning and you will feel happy for the rest of the day. There's nothing like the exquisite colours of the sky in our sunrises, on all four seasons. Each morning nature paints you a different picture. Just imagine watching 365 days of changing beauty from your window, all year long!

How about enjoying a cocktail in the Courtyard beside the pond with friends in the neighbouring unit, or a party for the residents at Christmas (hosted by one of the residents), or even just stopping for a casual chat while collecting the mail - there are many opportunities for the residents at St. James By-The-Bay to meet. Many have become good friends and are glad to share a walk together on the walking paths nearby, or go to Starbucks for a social cup of coffee! Or wave as you pass each other coming and going - it's such a good feeling to be part of a caring community!

Flowers in large landscaped gardens are our passion! In the summer, you won't find a spot that isn't manicured or tended in some way. Colourful annuals and spectacular perennials and luscious grasses are what we do best. And rocks - large limestone rocks, which speak of quiet elegance yet natural beauty. And trees - we have planted many new trees and transplanted existing ones to keep the beauty of setting. You can't help but notice the difference when you drive in to St. James By-The-Bay!

Four years ago, when we first started, we did everything we could to be environmentally friendly in building our homes - it just made sense. Now, we have registered the rest of our project with LEED™, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, to officially recognize our efforts.

We are proud of the homes we build. Imagine if you were building yourself a custom new home - all the choices you would make if you could have it your way. Well, here you can. Beginning with custom designing your interior to suit your needs, and choosing your own flooring and kitchen finishes, using an allowance of high quality standards. Our homes have stone exteriors, high efficiency windows and furnaces, superior insulation, and include a remote control for the garage and a security system in the purchase price!

You never have to worry about your home if you go away for a week or a few months, because we are here to watch it for you! Weekly checks are included in your maintenance fees, and the security system is always monitored. Need some help with a maintenance issue? Just give us a call and we will be right over! The developer lives on site, and there are 2 staff on hand all week to help you out. And let's not forget about never having to shovel snow or cut grass again. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful grounds!

Quality, Service, Friendly neighbours and staff, beautiful views, and the waterfront & that's what St James By-The-Bay is all about!